A Discovered Secret

Enter the World of Chactun… Chactun Tequila

It’s time to sit back. Relax. And sip.

For the roots of Hacienda Chactun Tequila began in the spirit of celebration in ancient times. And the story goes a little like this…

The summer heat smoldered through the palace gates, though the Chactun goddess Mayahuel bore only the slightest of glows. Ever present, she remained poised on her gilded throne, a headscarf of hand-sewn yellow feathers wrapped loosely about the nape of her neck. The great ball court of Campeche spread before her, abounding with the energy of her subjects in preparation for the great Ya’axche Festival… a celebration of the connection between all that is… in heaven and on earth… and of both man and the Mayan underworld.

Glorious female dancers practiced the okot dance, every move practiced and precise… bending and swaying to the echoing drum beat… a sea of undulating golden feathers, crackling shells, and flashes of golden beads and decorations meant to dazzle the eyes. Headdresses stood nearly as tall as the women who wore them. And the love of the dance poured out through their glistening skin.

Groups of males smeared coatings of stained earthen mud across their faces, while others already masked in the tinted clay and covered in metallic body plates rehearsed their war training… stomping and grunting to the same heavy drum beat… dust kicking up a smoke of intensity… all meant to display the full prowess of their prospering nation.

Humorists surrounded by small groups roused enthused bursts of laughter that floated up throughout the great ball court. Theatrical performers rehearsed for the baldzamil show with wild gesticulations that even the furthest eyes of Mayahuel could see. And perhaps the most amazing of all, the magnificent illusions and trickery of the ezyah, only the best saved for the final Ya’axche celebration.

Drums thumped a beat into the surrounding rainforest, seeming to rile the birds, the beasts, and the natives just outside the palace walls. Upon the sun’s next rising, half the Chactun nation will climb the steps of the great ball courts to witness and celebrate and gorge on traditional fare, while the scents of lovely food and the sounds of celebration waft upward.

Mayahuel looked upon all that was before her. And she was pleased for it was good… months of rehearsed chants, timed movements, and golden body decorations led to this one day. All of this for mother earth… and all of this for her, the Chactun goddess Mayahuel.

So as we borrow from the past and step into the future, let Hacienda Chactun Tequila oversee your best days ahead. Rejoice the goddess in your life! It’s time to celebrate!